It's only Tuesday?!

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I woke up this morning with disappointment, realizing that it was ONLY Tuesday. I wanted to say all day that I was just having one of those weeks but then it came upon me that I haven't even made it half way yet.

Yesterday I woke up and it already went downhill. Not really too sure how or why but I was just in a funk. Today literally lasted five million years. I know, I know stop complaining but I am going to take this as my one day to complain and then I will restart tomorrow and try to turn this week around. haha.

I finally finished school. Well, I finished one degree so far. I still have many more degrees and certificates that I want but I am just thankful after three years, I have something. I don't know if that right there put me in a "hallelujah" state of mind or what. Since I started college, I had this mental "to do" list that just kept growing over the years. Now that I am done, I am just going crazy to check everything off. For example, I began guitar lessons yesterday, created new business cards today, finished a chalkboard craft, but I still have so much more that I wanted to complete this week.

I feel like I am having flashbacks to my childhood. Like you know that time when your parents leave you alone for the first time and you run around the house because you don't know what you want to do but you know you want to do oodles of things? Well that's me this week running away from college.

I am hoping for the best tomorrow.

Let's have a happy hump day! Accomplish oodles with me :)

Much love to you all

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