Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing is currently sitting at number three on the country radio music charts and it rightfully deserves to be sitting there. I came across this song on Spotify and Youtube before I ever came across it being played on the radio and I couldn't help but question how this wasn't number one on the Billboard charts.

Immediately I wanted to cover this song. I was supposed to do an acoustic show up at Heavenly in Tahoe but once we got there the weather made it to where we couldn't actually do our acoustic show. This song was on the setlist and I am so bummed that I still have not played this song live.

I started hearing it a lot on the radio so I knew that this was the next song I needed to cover and put up on Youtube.

This song gives me all sorts of feels. The meaning of this song came through so easily with the way the words were written and it definitely hit me in a spot because I once felt the way she did. Carly mentioned, "I wrote “Every Little Thing” about a guy who really, really broke my heart a few years ago." and I have felt those exact words myself a few years back. I have attached my version of it below.

Have a listen :)


Much love to you all.

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